3 Signs Your Fiber Cement Siding Is In Distress

Exterior siding is an important part of your home's curb appeal and value, but it is also an important layer of protection between the outside world and the home's interior. Because of this, your siding will experience a great deal of stress over time. If you have fiber cement siding, you may think it will last forever, but that is not necessarily true. Fiber cement does require updating, especially if you do not maintain it well or your local climate experiences harsh weather. This guide will help you understand if and when your fiber cement needs repair or painting.


Fiber cement should be installed evenly and thoroughly, meaning you should not see any large gaps or openings between each fiber cement siding piece. Unfortunately, over time, settling of your home and moisture buildup can cause the siding pieces to shift and warp, causing gaps in between each piece.

Fortunately, small gaps can be filled with an exterior caulking agent. Make sure to use clear caulk or caulk that matches the color of your fiber cement to ensure the siding's look is not affected.

Larger gaps may need a more involve repair. Removing sections of the siding and replacing with new fiber cement may be necessary.

Failing to address these gaps can lead to moisture damage, rot, and mold growth, since the moisture will seep into the siding deeper, affecting the underlying surfaces.


Unlike vinyl siding, fiber cement does need to be repainted at some point. The recommendation on when to repaint the fiber cement is difficult to determine, since each siding job and home is different.

On average, you should expect to repaint your fiber cement after 12 years. If your siding is showing signs that it requires a new coat of paint, painting it earlier may be necessary.

Knowing if your fiber cement should be repainted is pretty simple, though. If certain areas of paint are chipping off, the siding is due to be repainted. Make sure to remove the old paint before applying primer and a fresh coat of paint. This will ensure your new paint goes on evenly. Contact a painting company, like Bernhardt Restoration Inc, for more help.


Another sign your fiber cement siding is in distress if there are visible signs of decay. For example, if you have sections of fiber cement breaking off, the siding is actually starting to rot and decay, which is most likely due to moisture damage.

The only solution to restoring your siding is by replacing it. It is best to replace all of your siding, since the rotted areas are most likely not the only areas affected by the heavy moisture damage.