Where Will You Find Mold In Your House?

Mold is a significant issue for people buying and renovating homes and businesses. Other times, homeowners happen upon mold that has developed inside the home without notice. The truth is that many of the most common places where mold develops are not common places to look. If you have not checked your home for mold recently, now is the perfect time to check out these mold hot spots.

Bathroom and Kitchen Sinks

The sinks in the home are common culprits for mold. Check under the sink for leaks regularly, fixing them as necessary. Even a small leak could lead to the growth of mold throughout your kitchen or bathroom.

The shower and tub are also common places for mold to take hold. These areas attract mold because they are almost constantly damp. The same can apply to your toilet too, so make sure you are regularly cleaning these areas.


Ceilings often show signs of mold you are likely to notice before anything else. Water stains are a sure sign that something is wrong, like a leaky roof that would otherwise lead to mold. Repair leaks quickly to avoid this problem.


Humid homes are more likely to experience mold in the basement. If you notice your home is very humid, take a look at the basement. You might be surprised at what you find when you start poking through the basement. The same applies to crawlspaces.

Home Appliances

Some of the most common homes for mold throughout the home are the appliances you use every day. Check the inside of your washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances for potential mold problems. Keep in mind that mold can also grow under and behind these appliances.


Closets are prone to the disaster that is mold for many reasons. Be especially concerned if closets have experienced leaks or high humidity. Any source of moisture can help mold grow in your home. Simply taking a look around the closet is not enough to make a decision. You need to move boxes and other items to find mold.


In any room, floors can accumulate mold. Leaks coming through walls can be highly detrimental, prompting mold to develop. Don't forget to look along the baseboards.

Mold is serious, and it requires professional remediation. You need to call a professional service to handle your mold problem. If you are struggling with mold, seek professional mold removal as the safest method to clear out your home.