Don’t Take Chances: 3 Things You Should Toss Out After A Fire

If you've recently suffered a fire in your home, and you've started the cleanup process, you're probably hoping to be able to salvage as much as possible. You might think that anything that escaped fire damage would be safe to hold onto, but that's not actually true. The fact is that many of the things inside your home will need to be discarded after a fire, even if they didn't sustain burn damage. You see, smoke and heat can also cause significant damage to the items in your home. Here are three things that will need to be discarded now that you're cleaning up after a fire.

Personal Hygiene Products

You may think that your personal hygiene products are safe to keep, especially if they don't look damaged. However, that's not the case. The intensity of heat during a house fire can destroy everything from your cosmetics to your cold medicine. Not only that, but your hair products and your contact lenses won't be safe to use either. To stay on the safe side, toss out all your personal hygiene products.

Household Appliances

Your household appliances may look salvageable, but if they have a cord, you're better off not trying to use them again. You might not realize this, but the intense heat generated by the fire could have fried all the wires and internal components of your household appliances. This includes things like your toaster, microwave oven, and even your curling iron and blow dryers. Don't risk serious injuries by trying to salvage those items. Throw them in the trash and start over.

All Types of Food

If you have food that survived the fire, you may think that you can wipe off the containers and salvage the food. Unfortunately, that's simply not the case. Any food that was exposed to the fire should be considered contaminated and unsafe to use. This includes food that's in tin cans. The intense heat could have increased the pressure inside the cans, which could result in a nasty explosion when you try to open it up later. Not only that, but the heat could have destroyed the food contained in the cans. To protect you and your family from food-related health issues, discard all types of food while you're cleaning up after the fire.

If you're cleaning up after a fire, take precautions to avoid keeping things that could cause you harm later. The information provided here will help you sort out what will need to be tossed. For questions and concerns, be sure to talk to a local company that offers fire damage restoration services. They can provide you with additional information on what you should be discarding during the cleanup.