3 Important Maintenance Steps For Hydraulic Pumps

One of the most important parts in a hydraulic power transmission system is the hydraulic pump. It's designed to convert mechanical energy into hydraulic power. In order for it to work correctly for a long time, you need to maintain it in the following ways. 

Keep it Clean 

A lot of problems with hydraulic pumps can be circumvented just by keeping them clean. That's because after a while, sludge, dirt, and other contaminants can collect in this pump and hinder its effectiveness. 

Every hydraulic pump is a little different depending on what type of system it's attached to. However, most models need their oil regularly inspected as well as the air filter. In terms of the oil, you know you need a replacement if it has a thick consistency. The thicker the oil, the more it struggles to heat up and lubricate parts within the hydraulic pump.

As far as the air filter, it needs to be clear of dirt and debris. If it's not and is completely covered, you need a replacement fast. 

Monitor Oil Temperatures 

Even though temperatures are starting to cool off this time of year, you still need to regularly monitor the oil temperatures of your hydraulic pump. When oil gets too hot, its life expectancy is significantly shortened. This means you'll have to change the oil more often, which can be stressful if you don't have a lot of time on your hands.

Check the pump's manual to see what oil temperature ranges it recommends. Now that you know these numbers, you can keep an eye on the pump's oil temperature gauge and adjust operation if temperatures start skyrocketing. 

Prevent Pump Cavitation 

One of the worst problems you can experience while owning a hydraulic pump is pump cavitation, or the inability of the pump to draw a full charge of oil. It can cause all sorts of headaches down the road, including excessive temperatures around the shaft, loud noises, and erratic movement of cylinders.

There are several ways you can prevent pump cavitation, fortunately. Always make sure the recommended speed for the hydraulic is used, along with high-quality oil with a high viscosity index. You also need to make sure the pump's hoses are in good condition and not obstructed in any way.

Hydraulic pumps are incredible machines that have many applications today. Make sure your pump works for as long as possible by taking the time to care for important parts and systems. Contact a company, like Quad Fluid Dynamics Inc, for more help.