3 Common Hazardous Materials Encountered During Home Renovations

If you are planning on renovating to your home, there are some potential hazards that you want to be aware of. In older homes, there is a chance that original materials may contain lead or asbestos. In addition, anywhere there was a leak or water problem, a mold problem may also have developed behind the walls. Here are the most common material hazards that you will want to have professional help removing when doing renovations:

1. Lead Paint

Lead is a health hazard for you and your family and was used in many different types of building products in the past, such as plumbing drains, flashing on roofs, and in paint. If you have features in your home like wood windows or trim that have layers of paint, then you will want to have the materials tested to see if the paint contains lead. Lead paint is something that you will want to have a professional lead paint abatement service, such as Colfax Corporation, remove for you to keep your family safe.

2. Asbestos

Asbestos is another hazardous material that can be found in many common building products. It is found in siding, insulation, flooring, drywall textures, and other products. Asbestos is known to cause respiratory problems with prolonged exposure to the airborne particles. If you suspect that some of the materials that need to be removed before renovations have asbestos, contact an abatement service and have them test the materials before you remove them. If the materials are found to have asbestos, you will need to have a professional service remove them for you.

3. Mold

Even if your home is not that old, there is a potential hazard that can still be found during renovations. Leaks and water damage could cause a mold problem, which can quickly grow out of control. Black mold is a serious issue that can quickly grow and take over your home. Have any mold tested and removed when repairing water-damaged areas and performing renovations to your home. The dangerous mold spores can spread beyond the source of moisture and cause extensive damage to your home if not correctly removed and treated.

These are some of the common hazardous materials that you may come across when doing home renovations. The more informed you are about these possible issues, the more prepared you will be to deal with them properly and then move forward with peace of mind.